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How To Set The Best Resolution For PowerPoint Presentations

Most of us know that a computer screen or television screen holds a number of pixels. Each pixel on your screen can display exact one color. A small black line of 200 pixels, is a repetition of 200 black pixels after each other. The more pixels your screen have, the more complex and sharpen images it can show.

A HD quality television can display 1280 by 720 pixels. That is 720 horizontal lines of 1280 dots after each other.

Now PowerPoint is primarily used for presentations on a screen. But still, when you start with a new PowerPoint presentation, its size is presented in inches or centimeters. As if you are going to print it. Since most PowerPoint presentations are designed for a screen, you would expect pixels here, but it isn’t.

To verify or edit the dimensions of your presentation, you simply go to Design and then Slide Size. Here you can choose between a standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 monitor. Or enter a custom size. Click on Custom Slide Size.

Now here you see the size in inches (or centimeters). And that is not logical as the size of a monitor is not expressed in inches. Inches say nothing about a monitor.

For the best quality on your screen, especially when using images and videos, you have to find out what the resolution is of your output device. You best know this before you start designing because it can ruin your design when you change the dimension afterwards. You must know that when a PowerPoint slideshow is started, it will go full screen. So when your slide design is using a lower resolution than your screen, then all shapes are enlarged so that you end up with a full screen slideshow. And that might result in lower quality.

To enter a size in pixels, just enter the number of pixels and the abbreviation px behind it. PowerPoint will convert this again to inches or centimeters, because it calculates 96 dots per inch, or pixels per inch.

When you have correctly set the size of your slide, then you know that the videos and pictures that you are going to insert, are in the same resolution as your slide. Now you know that every pixel of your picture, will result in a pixel on your monitor. So PowerPoint will not have to enlarge this, to get an image full screen. And when you have a 1 on 1 pixel between your design and your output, then you are working in a best pixel conditions for your information screens.

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