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Open Source Stories Talks: Democratizing knowledge in higher ed

Costly, inflexible college textbooks and course materials are ripe for open source innovation. Since the late 1990s, Rice University computer science professor Rich Baraniuk, Ph.D. has led an effort to bring more open approaches to the U.S. textbook industry.

In this session, he traces the growth of OpenStax. Baraniuk founded OpenStax at Rice to publish free, open source textbooks; it's become the hub of a 35,000-educator movement that's transforming academia.

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WHO built this: Creating an innovative learning platform together

The World Health Organization (WHO) embarked on an 8-week Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency, held virtually, to create a DevOps platform that would help health workers get up-to-date information and training about COVID-19. In a short span of time, globally distributed WHO employees became a close-knit and high-performing team who used OpenShift to build an adaptable and scalable platform. Learn more:

Open Source Stories: Cracking the Textbook

Costly, inflexible course materials are a problem for college students and professors alike. Open source offers a solution. Meet the scholars, students, and activists who are finding a better way:
Gunaseelan Selvam : 300 dollar is like a million dollar while studying is absolutely true




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